Leadership Team Alignment Journey

The Leadership Alignment Journey is a process that guides intact leadership or management teams through a transformation designed to leverage capabilities or overcome specific challenges and create dynamic business results. Through each phase of this proven approach, CMOE helps a leadership team identify and solve business issues, examine and improve team dynamics, and support the development of individual leaders.




    • Analyzing the issues
    • 创建创新的解决方案
    • 制定实施计划
    • 跟踪进度和维护问责制

2)Creating greater synergy and unity in solving the big problems that affect productivity, efficiency, and strategic change by

    • 改变领导团队和更广泛的组织的能力
    • 开放式沟通
    • 增强协作与信任


    • 驱动器更改
    • Think and act strategically
    • Solve problems and resolve differences
    • Drive the organization to be more competitive

第一阶段 - 发现

  • 第一阶段是在对齐会议之前发生的事实调查任务(第二阶段)。我们研究组织的当前状况及其优势,局限性和脆弱性。CMOE在第1阶段完成以下活动。
    • 通过面对面的访谈,调查和评估来收集数据
    • Clarify initial goals and desired outcomes of the alignment process
    • 了解关键业务问题和策略
    • Review findings and agree on initial priorities and direction
    • 设计和计划初步对齐会议,以满足领导团队和组织的独特需求

Phase II - Alignment Session

  • 第二阶段是建立在第一个Sessi对齐on. The session generally involves members of the leadership team and is 1–2 days in length. There are five key components to the session:
    • 审查发现阶段的发现
    • 从事集中的活动,以发展团队的合作能力
    • 查明并确定改进的特定机会
    • Launching multiple teams that begin solving challenges or developing innovative ideas
    • 介绍CMOE的资源,工具和技能建设过程betway体育app

Phase III - Execution and Sustainability

  • 第三阶段的重点是一致性,问责制和成功执行。在教练的支持下,团队继续致力于关键优先领域并发现新的解决方案。此阶段包括以下元素:
    • Executing on plans
    • 教练团队负责人
    • Reviewing and evaluating progress, recommendations, and impact during a Results Forum
    • Evaluating results, making decisions, and processing any necessary adjustments
    • Planning next steps

Improve business results through CMOE’s Leadership Team Alignment Journey

  • 回答以下问题,作为确定是否有改善业务结果的快速简便的方法:
    • Are you and other stakeholders satisfied with profitability margins?
    • 您对销售和市场份额感到满意吗?
    • 您是否能够吸引,保留和吸引才华横溢的人?
    • 您的核心业务驱动力和KPI是否提供您需要的整体性能?(即安全,质量,客户服务,预防损失,过程效率和风险管理)
    • Is execution and follow-through on critical business initiatives lackluster?
    • 执行或高级团队成员之间的冲突太多,没有足够的合作?
    • 您的竞争对手是否取得了进步,赶上或领先您的位置?
    • 您的团队中的领导人是否过于犹豫或太谨慎,无法尝试新想法并冒险?
    • Are silos negatively affecting the alignment of departments and functions?
    • Do you have the right culture to support the development of growth opportunities and new business strategies? (i.e. ownership, accountability, empowerment, and innovation)
    • Do the leaders have the competencies and practice the behaviors needed for long-term, sustained growth?

Are you happy with your answers? If not, contact CMOE to talk about how the Leadership Team Alignment Journey could be the right solution for you, your team, and your organization.

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